Many of those who attended HorrorBuzz’s Horror Movie Night at The Frida‘s special Friday night showing of  Takashi Miike‘s Auditionwere experiencing it for the first time. As the film played out, the audience sat in quiet anticipation of what was to come. Miike’s amazing sound design dominated the theater as the story played out. A story that tells of a widower who just wants to be a married man again as he crosses paths with a young woman who has been thoroughly screwed up by the abusive authority figures in her life. If you’ve never seen the film either, I can’t recommend it enough. Especially if you can see it in a theater,

As the audience entered the auditorium each were handed a barf bag that contained various items like candy and fingers. Before the film the audience was treated to a pre-show feature various personal ads. Little did they know, they should have been playing close attention to some of the details as the traditional trivia questions for the instead became questions about the ads themselves. Prizes for the people did pay attention included a blu-ray copy of the hit film from earlier this year, A Quiet Place  and tickets to next weekend’s Midsummer Scream in Long Beach (Don’t froget to stop by the HorrorBuzz booth and drop in to watch some short films with us in the Screaming Room).

Next month we return to our regular spot on the last Monday of the month with our first double feature night  Jörg Buttgereit‘s controversial Nekromatic and its sequel Nekromantic 2. The films will screen on Monday August 27 at 7:30pm. One of the most banned duo in cinema history, the original film just received certification to be seen in the UK in 2014 – 27 years after its original release. If you didn’t make use if them on Friday, you just might want to hold on to those barf bags for next month. 

Tickets are on sale now here.