A new take on a life simulator has entered the atmosphere! Developed and published by J6 Games, Alien Life Simulator

Wanna Live As An Alien For A Day? Here's How in Alien Life Simulator! - Review
by Gary Tichenor March 4, 2021

Highly-anticipated turn-based RPG Black Legend is set to launch on March 25th, 2021, and created by Belgian game development studio,

Lead the Resistance Through the Fog - Black Legend Releases on March 25th
by Devon Tichenor March 4, 2021

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you found a spider in your house, and before you knew

Kill It With Fire! Chaotic Exterminator Comes to Xbox
by Devon Tichenor March 2, 2021

Anything related to horror, be it games or movies were always a strict no during our childhood because it used

4 Reasons Why Horror Games Are Good For Your Health
by admin March 2, 2021

Developer 11 bit studios is excited to announce that city-building survival game Frostpunk is officially available on Mac OS alongside

Frostpunk - Finally Available on MacOS!
by Devon Tichenor March 1, 2021

Considering how popular gambling is right now according to this online casino research by CasinoScout Canada, we expect that there

Three Popular Horror-Themed Casino games in Canada
by HorrorBuzz Staff February 27, 2021
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