I don't need to tell you that it's been a long year. We made the best of what we could

Prepare for DELUSION This Halloween Season
by Jeff Heimbuch April 6, 2021

Loneliness drives people to do peculiar things, such as answering messages from random emails and unknown numbers. Luckily, my email

REVIEW: This Valentine's Day, Get LOVELOCKED In This Online Immersive Experience
by Linnea Swanson February 2, 2021

Recently, my days have been divided into Package or No Package days. Package days consist of me obsessively checking the

REVIEW: A Strong Introspective Narrative Ties 444 LIBERATIO Together
by Linnea Swanson January 18, 2021

To be completely honest, the unknowns surrounding death absolutely terrify me. But what if we were able to exist in

REVIEW: Look Into Your POSTHUMOUS Life With Phoenix Tears Productions' New Show
by Linnea Swanson December 16, 2020

When HorrorBuzz first opened, I was still in the middle of my “extreme horror experience” phase. Ever since Norm tricked

Staying LUCID – A Look Back On The Extreme Horror Experience ABLUTION
by Jeff Heimbuch November 23, 2020

Throughout this past year, a reoccurring theme in my life has been self-reflection. I would typically hold these moments close

Blackheart Collective's RITUAL Is An Introspective Immersive Experience For The Socially Distant Age
by Linnea Swanson November 19, 2020
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