Remote immersive experiences have truly blossomed in the past year. I am continually blown away by the creativity and immersivity

IF MUSEBIYA Is An Impressive (Online) Immersive Show
by Linnea Swanson June 2, 2021

It's been a long year (and some change), and I am itching for some new immersive madness. Ironically enough, I've

Travel Back In Time With Summer Immersive Show BRASSROOTS DISTRICT: Live in the Lot Summer ‘73
by Jeff Heimbuch June 1, 2021

A dimly lit labyrinth leads you straight into the monster's womb... where a phantasmagoria of horrors awaits that can only

Urban Death Trail of Torment Coming Soon to LA
by Lindsey Ungerman May 26, 2021

Much of why I’m drawn to remote immersive theatre is that it’s a sort of playground for the imaginative. More

REVIEW: REGRESSION Provides Enlightening Psychic Story
by Allison Darcy May 20, 2021

In high school, I hung out with a guy who people would sometimes refer to as “Columbine.” There was no

We Went Back To High School In DON’T GO TO SCHOOL TOMORROW
by Allison Darcy May 7, 2021

Nature is healing and things are slowly going back to normal. With more people getting vaccinated every day, guidelines being

Immerse Yourself In Another World At ELSEWHERE AT THE MADCAP MOTEL
by Jeff Heimbuch May 2, 2021
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