the slayers The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about vampires and vampire hunting probably isn't "doomsday cult."
THE SLAYERS Might Put Vampire Hunting On Your Bucket List
by Elaine L. Davis May 14, 2021
blurred vision Blurred Vision is a Danish thriller based on an original idea from lead actor Niklas Herskind. The film follows the
BLURRED VISION--Trust Issues Arise In This Taut Indie Thriller
by Jamie Goecker May 14, 2021
incognito Imagine you are driving alone in your car. The radio is playing, and you are coming home from a great
INCOGNITO--Time Traveler Or Mentally Insane?
by Luke Yakominich May 14, 2021
hoodman There are many different factors that must be considered before judging a film as bad. Some of these elements, such
HOODMAN--A Supernatural Thriller Without Any Thrills
by LJ Lewis May 14, 2021
the djinn Dylan Jacobs (Ezra Dewey) is a mute little boy who lives alone with his father (Rob Brownstein) after his mother’s
THE DJINN Brilliantly Brings Ancient Horrors To Life
by Miranda Riddle May 14, 2021
spiral Let me get this out of the way now, so you can skip the rest of the review if you
SPIRAL Takes The SAW Franchise In A Whole New Direction...And It's Good!
by Jeff Heimbuch May 13, 2021
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