Strolling through a La Habra suburb, we happen upon something dark, macabre, and utterly mesmerizing. Animated figures perched in an otherwise normal looking Southern California Front yard come to life, sound effects rumble to life and lighting effects flicker on in the waning hours of twilight. This is the location of the new home haunt, The Haunted Rose. The brainchild of Owner and Operator of PROliFX, Ryan Banfield, The Haunted Rose is a Home Haunt that promises to surpass expectations with impressive set design and, of course, highly detailed creature effects.


We got a preview of the haunt as it was being constructed and got to speak with Banfield himself about how this impressive piece of work came about. Standing in front of the entrance to his new creation we ask why, “Haunted Rose?” Noting that the existing home’s front door has a beautiful stained glass rose in it, we wonder if this served as the inspiration. “Actually that helped,” said Banfield, “We carried that design element from the house over to the front of the Mortuary Façade here. But This is the Rose Mortuary, inspired by H.P. Lovecraft.”  A huge fan, Banfield has designed a highly detailed homage to the author’s various works.

Sharp eyed fans will be able to pick out the references that are jam-packed into this haunted attraction that uses nearly every square inch of space on the lot that is not taken up by the existing home. The attraction begins at The Haunted Rose, the abode of Dr. Macabro. This maniacal mortician and scientist experiments with necromancy unleashing unspeakable evil!


The facade itself is an enticing pathway into a In 1898 behind the Rose Mortuary, the relics of an eons old civilization were unearthed. The Walter Knott mine (A less than subtle reference to Knott’s Berry Farm just miles away) was erected to excavate for more relics hidden in the earthen stone. Little did Dr. Macabro know what unnameable horrors he would release on the earth.

A passion project inspired by Banfield’s love of monsters and movie magic, The Haunted Rose was originally conceived as a stand alone haunt for the 2016 season. However, circumstances needed to bring the haunt to life at a location outside the home, never ended up working out.  With a wealth of research and development already underway, and plenty of experience under his belt, Banfield decided to persevere and bring his creation to life at his own home.


This isn’t the first haunt created by PROliFX Studios founder. His first foray into haunt creation was a free standing 5,200 sq. ft Haunted House attraction he built for his senior project in high school. Way to set the bar. INDUSTRIAL FEAR later evolved into DR. MACABROS ISLAND OF DEATH and caught the attention of the local press landing Banfield his first job in the world of creature and makeup effects. His resume includes IRON MANJAMES CAMERON’S AVATAR, 14567397_10207328109266521_2378682481731971323_oand TERMINATOR SALVATION.  Banfield established PROliFX in 2002 working with Knott’s Berry Farm , Stan Winston Studio, The Walt Disney Company and Cirque Du Soleil.

Still, the fact remains that there is a FREE haunt, designed by Banfield, that is about to open, right here in Whittier. You seriously need to get out there, especially if you are a fan of Lovecraft. Seeing what Banfield has created promises to be one of the genuine highlights of the haunt season. Go tomorrow night and thank us later.

The Haunted Rose Attraction opens in Whittier Ca. October 29th, 30th and 31st 2016!

Admission: FREE

Location: 12116 Groveland Avenue, Whittier Ca.

Open from 7:00PM-11:00PM or last guests exits the attraction.

PROliFX is hard at work developing this fantastic gothic horror themed haunted attraction guaranteed to make you scream with terror this Halloween season!

About the Author: Norman Gidney

Norm(an) Gidney is a nearly lifelong horror fan. Beginning his love for the scare at the age of 5 by watching John Carpenter's Halloween, he set out on a quest to share his passion for all things spooky with the rest of the world.
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