From August through the first full week of November, HorrorBuzz covered as much of the haunt scene as possible with a variety of video tech.   We had 360 degree video of the haunts starting with Haunted Mansion Holiday all the way through Mystic Motel.   We had 3D and 2D HD video coverage of everything from ScareLA to San Diego’s Savage House.

We aren’t even done yet.  We have footage that we couldn’t release until after the season of Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights.

We have tutorials coming on how to view 360 degree video with inexpensive (meaning less than $20) Google Cardboard viewers.

But right now we wanted to start with a recap of one of the places we really called a haunt home this year:  The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor.

It started with a lively (we beleive the most entertaining) announcement panel at this years ScareLA.

We wont post the full panel here (you can see it on our YouTube Channel), but afterwards we were treated to a candid, backstage look at how the Ringmaster runs the creative team:  J.J. Wickham, David Wally, and Charity Hill, ragged as the season approaches.


And then things went silent until we were summoned to the ship for the event where the Ringmaster welcomed us personally:


Then we brought the mazes to you in glorious 360 degree virtual reality ready video.  (And other formats also avaible on our YouTubeChannel)

And sent one of our 360 degree cameras with one of the amazing Dark Harbor Sliders: Slider X for a trip under the limbo bar (and did it again in slow motion too)


Then we came back for an exclusive VIP night where the very gracious J.J. Wickham gave us the behind the scenes tour to end all behind the scenes tours, which included a special trip to the paranormal hotspot known as “The Vortex” as well as the always creepy boiler room:


Finally as the on the final weekend as the spirits prepared to return to their watery graves, the Ringmaster gave us one final farewell…oh how we already miss her and can’t wait to see her again next year!!!!







About the Author: Ken Toghia

Ken Toghia is a director, animator, technologist, and horror/haunt fan living in Orlando, Florida. He was raised in Southern California on Friday the 13th films, Elvira’s Movie Macabre, Oingo Boingo Halloween shows, Theme Parks, and Haunts. He started off his career as a Jungle Cruise Skipper and Riverboat Pilot at Disneyland, has a degree in Film and Television from Cal. State Long Beach, and loves to attend haunts and horror films with his amazing wife and sons (who also happen to love this stuff)
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