Looking for an action-packed, movie grade quality video game to keep you hooked for hours on end? Well, look no

CONTROL: Mind-Bending and Surreal [PS4 Review]
by Scott Macias October 24, 2019

As you awake upon a ship, you soon discover that you are playing as an actor within a five-act play

Layers Of Fear 2 a Terrifying Brain Rattler of a Game
by Scott Macias June 19, 2019

In the closing years of the nineteenth century, you assume the role of Rose - an explorative, female journalist in

CLOSE TO THE SUN an Absolutely Beautiful Game
by Scott Macias June 12, 2019
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Struggling – Review [Nintendo Switch]

October 8, 2020|Comments Off on Struggling – Review [Nintendo Switch]

If you’re scrolling through the Nintendo Switch store and notice the grotesque artwork on the game Struggling, don’t let the brutal style deter you. This comedic physics-based game is available on both Nintendo Switch and [...]

Paradise Killer – Review [Nintendo Switch]

September 24, 2020|Comments Off on Paradise Killer – Review [Nintendo Switch]

There’s trouble in Paradise - not just the phrase, either - the island of Paradise is quite literally in trouble. Paradise Killer is an open world murder mystery, developed by Kaizen Game Works and published [...]

Hellpoint – Review [Xbox One]

August 27, 2020|Comments Off on Hellpoint – Review [Xbox One]

Hellpoint is a Dark Souls-esque game, only recently released on July 30th, 2020. This action sci-fi was developed by Cradle Games and published by tinyBuild, and is available for players on Steam, PlayStation 4, and [...]

Vigor [Xbox One] – Review

August 12, 2020|Comments Off on Vigor [Xbox One] – Review

Welcome, Outlanders, to post-war Norway - where in Vigor, you are a lone Survivor and must make your way through tough terrain and survive radioactive dust clouds while fighting off enemies with the same goals [...]

Maid of Sker [Xbox One] – REVIEW

August 5, 2020|Comments Off on Maid of Sker [Xbox One] – REVIEW

“Do not panic…don’t even breathe.” A breath of fresh air - pun intended - in the world of horror survival games, Maid of Sker sets itself apart in so many admirable ways. Originally set for [...]

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters [PC] – Review

July 29, 2020|Comments Off on The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters [PC] – Review

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters captures the essence of a classic manga-style comic with a seemingly innocuous story that quickly descends into a sinister horror story complete with gore, jump surprises, and adrenaline-fueled exploration as [...]

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