Looking for an action-packed, movie grade quality video game to keep you hooked for hours on end? Well, look no

CONTROL: Mind-Bending and Surreal [PS4 Review]
by Scott Macias October 24, 2019

As you awake upon a ship, you soon discover that you are playing as an actor within a five-act play

Layers Of Fear 2 a Terrifying Brain Rattler of a Game
by Scott Macias June 19, 2019

In the closing years of the nineteenth century, you assume the role of Rose - an explorative, female journalist in

CLOSE TO THE SUN an Absolutely Beautiful Game
by Scott Macias June 12, 2019
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Hellpoint – Review [Xbox One]

August 27, 2020|Comments Off on Hellpoint – Review [Xbox One]

Hellpoint is a Dark Souls-esque game, only recently released on July 30th, 2020. This action sci-fi was developed by Cradle Games and published by tinyBuild, and is available for players on Steam, PlayStation 4, and [...]

Vigor [Xbox One] – Review

August 12, 2020|Comments Off on Vigor [Xbox One] – Review

Welcome, Outlanders, to post-war Norway - where in Vigor, you are a lone Survivor and must make your way through tough terrain and survive radioactive dust clouds while fighting off enemies with the same goals [...]

Maid of Sker [Xbox One] – REVIEW

August 5, 2020|Comments Off on Maid of Sker [Xbox One] – REVIEW

“Do not panic…don’t even breathe.” A breath of fresh air - pun intended - in the world of horror survival games, Maid of Sker sets itself apart in so many admirable ways. Originally set for [...]

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters [PC] – Review

July 29, 2020|Comments Off on The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters [PC] – Review

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters captures the essence of a classic manga-style comic with a seemingly innocuous story that quickly descends into a sinister horror story complete with gore, jump surprises, and adrenaline-fueled exploration as [...]

Moonlighter: Between Dimensions – REVIEW [PS4]

July 9, 2020|Comments Off on Moonlighter: Between Dimensions – REVIEW [PS4]

Just north of the quaint village of Rynoka, there lies mysterious dungeons filled with various treasures and artifacts, perfect for heroes to explore and discover the ominous past. This is where Moonlighter begins. Expanded off [...]

Those Who Remain – Review [PS4]

July 2, 2020|Comments Off on Those Who Remain – Review [PS4]

STAY IN THE LIGHT! Well, that's what you're told in Those Who Remain. Developed by Camel 101 and published by Weird Productions, with a 6 hour playtime and a $19.99USD price point, you can't go [...]

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