Looking for an action-packed, movie grade quality video game to keep you hooked for hours on end? Well, look no

CONTROL: Mind-Bending and Surreal [PS4 Review]
by Scott Macias October 24, 2019

As you awake upon a ship, you soon discover that you are playing as an actor within a five-act play

Layers Of Fear 2 a Terrifying Brain Rattler of a Game
by Scott Macias June 19, 2019

In the closing years of the nineteenth century, you assume the role of Rose - an explorative, female journalist in

CLOSE TO THE SUN an Absolutely Beautiful Game
by Scott Macias June 12, 2019
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Those Who Remain – Review [PS4]

July 2, 2020|Comments Off on Those Who Remain – Review [PS4]

STAY IN THE LIGHT! Well, that's what you're told in Those Who Remain. Developed by Camel 101 and published by Weird Productions, with a 6 hour playtime and a $19.99USD price point, you can't go [...]

Slayaway Camp – Review [PS4]

June 25, 2020|Comments Off on Slayaway Camp – Review [PS4]

"Are you ready to go to Slayaway Camp?" Because it is ready for you! This 80's horror movie, slide puzzle game is perfect to just sit and "slay away" the children that have set up [...]

Witching Tower VR Visually Stunning

May 6, 2020|Comments Off on Witching Tower VR Visually Stunning

Alright, let's dive into the crazy world of PSVR - more specifically, Witching Tower VR. This super immersive hack-and-slash game with puzzles and combat, all brought to you by Daily Magic Production. Witching Tower VR [...]

Dark Devotion [PS4] – REVIEW

April 15, 2020|Comments Off on Dark Devotion [PS4] – REVIEW

Dark Devotion opens with a promising, yet cryptic, story-telling sequence. The dark introduction immediately intrigues the player, and leads you to want to find out more. Dark Devotion is an action RPG, using a lot [...]

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince [PS4]

April 9, 2020|Comments Off on Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince [PS4]

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is the fourth installment in the Trine series from the developers Frozenbyte and published by Modus. This 2.5D game is everything you would want out of a puzzle adventure game, [...]

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