Mr. He, Norm Gidney, Remy Cashman

Awards night hosts Mr. He (left) and Remy Cashman (right) are pictured with HorrorBuzz founder Norm Gidney (center) – Photo by Heather Anderson

For 2021, the Midsummer Scream Screaming Room presented by Horrorbuzz, usually held at the annual Midsummer Scream convention, took place, for the first time, as a stand alone event. The festival was held at The Frida Cinema in Santa Ana, CA on July 10-11. A large crowd was on hand for the festival’s closing night awards gala, hosted by drag performer Mr. He and our own Remy Cashman, as the 14 Audience and 3 Jury Awards were announced and presented.

Here is the list of winners:


In 2021, we were fortunate to have our largest jury yet. 14 members of the horror community including: actors, directors, producers, critics, haunters, publicists, and all four members of the Midsummer Scream executive team.

PALME D’GORE – The Screaming Room’s highest accolade. The Palme d’Gore is the award that honors the best across the board. Both quality of filmmaking and entertainment value are taken into consideration.

Palme d'Gore Award Winner: KOREATOWN GHOST STORY

Palme d’Gore: KOREATOWN GHOST STORY – Directed by Minsun Park & Teddy Tenenbaum


JACK-O-LANTERN – At its heart, Midsummer Scream is a celebration of Halloween. In keeping with that idea, the Jack-O-Lantern award honors the film that best represents the spirit of the season we all gather together to celebrate.

Jack-O-Lantern Award Winner: SPELLBOUND

Jack-O-Lantern: SPELLBOUND – Directed by Amelia Parker


MARY SHELLEY – This award is for ingenuity and creativity. Much like a mad scientist building a monster of whatever they can find, the winner of this award represents creative achievement despite possible constraints of time, budget, or technology.

Mary Shelley Audience Award Winner: THE RELIC

Mary Shelley Audience: THE RELIC – Directed by J.M. Logan


For each block, audience members were given a ballot to select their favorite film.

Anthology of Terror Audience Winner - O.I.

Anthology of Terror: O.I. – Directed By N’cee van Heerden

Art House Horror Audience Award Winner: THIS IS NOT ACTING, THIS IS HELL!

Art House Horror: THIS IS NOT ACTING, THIS IS HELL! – Directed by Spider One

A Captive Audience Audience Award Winner: KOREATOWN GHOST STORY

A Captive Audience: KOREATOWN GHOST STORY – Directed by Minsun Park & Teddy Tenenbaum

Crimes and Passions Audience Winner: COLE & COLETTE

Crimes and Passions: COLE & COLETTE – Directed by Matt Boda

Die Laughing Award Winner: HORRORSCOPE

Die Laughing: HORRORSCOPE – Directed by Pol Diggler

Fantastic Worlds Audience Award Winner: RIP TO THE RESCUE!

Fantastic Worlds Audience: RIP TO THE RESCUE! – Directed By Paudie Baggott

Happy Halloween Audience Award Winner: THE AXE AND THE IRON

Happy Halloween: THE AXE AND THE IRON – Directed by Matthew Roseman

The Occult Audience Award Winners: FATHER TIME

The Occult: FATHER TIME – Directed by Thomas Pickering

Screaming Rainbow Audience Award Winner: THE LAST LEAF

Screaming Rainbow: THE LAST LEAF – Directed by Sia Aleskovskaya

Splattertown Audience Award Winner: WHAT THE SPELL?

Splattertown: WHAT THE SPELL? – Directed by Krsy Fox

Spooky Stories Audience Award Winner: BEST FRIENDS FOREBEAR

Spooky Stories: BEST FRIENDS FOREBEAR – Directed by Pablo Semper

Stalkers & Slashers Audience Award Winner: OVERKILL

Stalkers & Slashers: OVERKILL – Directed by Alex Montilla

Supernatural Scares Audience Award Winner: SWARM

Supernatural Scares: SWARM – Directed by Andy Chen


WTF???: A NIGHTMARE ON SESAME STREET – Directed by Matthew Rodriguez

Congratulations again to all of our winning films and thank you to everyone that was able to join us for this incredible event. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

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