It may only be June, but I am already longing for the sip of a warm pumpkin spice latte to fight the chill of the crisp, cool air that accompanies Autumn. Since 2020 left us with something much scarier than the ghosts of Halloween, we have all been itching for the nostalgia of normalcy. Blessed Witch Production’s SEMPITERNAL managed to capture the entire essence of Autumn and proved to be an absolutely enchanting experience.

SEMPITERNAL is Blessed Witch Productions’ first immersive experience. The weeklong experience took place on Instagram and through phone calls. Two ticket options were available to purchase: one that included a mystery box with the experience and one just for the experience. Since I love the surprise involved with mystery boxes, I opted for that ticket option. When I received my package, I opened it faster than a kid on Christmas morning. The contents of the box tied in beautifully to SEMPITERNAL. In the story, the boxes were created by the main character, Winnie (Kassidy Kelly), as part of her creative endeavors. Each box had a different theme centered around Halloween which related to certain elements of the story. Particular objects in the boxes were used later in various puzzles and tasks.

SEMPITERNAL boasted strong characters whom were the driving forces behind this experience. I enjoyed all of my interactions with Winnie, as they were reminiscent of reconnecting with a childhood friend. Every conversation contributed to the story in a meaningful way that captured both my attention and my heart. The other character, Moros (Adrian G.), provided the perfect amount of contrast to Winnie’s pleasant personality. He added a level of spice that effectively drove the storyline and fueled many real reactions on my part.

SEMPITERNAL’s overarching Halloween theme, easy-to-follow storyline, and delightfully conflicting characters combined to form a marvelous experience. The tasks were simple, yet significant. The puzzles were a tad bit difficult, but I am notoriously dense when it comes to puzzles. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed SEMPITERNAL. For $65, the experience and mystery box were well worth the money.

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