Last year, many of us were looking for things to do online to scratch our immersive itch. Spy Brunch LLC, the award-winning team behind such LA favorites as Spy House, answered that call with Sherwood & Nottingham: Season One, an online, interactive, and immersive experience that pushed the boundaries of  interactive theater and roleplaying. Now they are back with Season Two, with an all new experience inspired by the tales of Robin Hood.
Once again, players will become loyal subjects of the Kingdom of Anglia. Some live in the glass-walled metropolis of Nottingham, while others belong to the hardscrabble seaside village of Sherwood. No matter what fate decides, all players will enjoy a world that combines the medieval, the modern, and the magical.

The Kingdom of Anglia finds itself in a most turbulent era, already suffering from a strange plague as power struggles emerge in the wake of beloved King Richard’s sudden and shocking death. The fate of the two cities and the Kingdom itself depend on whether players can stand strong together, make good choices, and trust the right allies.

This immersive narrative unfolds across online platforms, including a custom website with many areas to explore, live-streamed newscasts and interactive “happy hours” on Twitch, “town meetings” and related gatherings on Zoom, and avatar-based exploration and interaction on, a new gaming-inspired platform. New players are welcome, and won’t be lost if they didn’t participate in Season One.

Sherwood & Nottingham offers two tiers of participation: Citizen Spectator, and VIP Guild Member. The Citizen Spectator ticket is for participants who wish to enjoy the story primarily as viewers, with no pressure to interact. It includes full access to the website and all online community events and experiences, totaling approximately 12 hours.

A limited number of VIP Guild Member tickets offer the chance to become deeply involved in the story, interact with key characters, and influence major storylines. These ticketholders will be mailed a package of in-world materials and artifacts, and gain access to special live encounters including one-on-ones, secret meetings, extra storylines, and mysterious trails that unlock Kingdom secrets.

For participants in the Los Angeles area, Sherwood & Nottingham-themed food and drink is available for separate purchase at The Roguelike Tavern in Burbank.

The four-week experience kicks off on Wednesday, May 12. Tickets are available starting Monday, April 19 at

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