I don’t need to tell you that it’s been a long year. We made the best of what we could last Halloween, but it just wasn’t the same. But with cases lowering and the vaccine roll-out happening, the chances of a 2021 Halloween season are looking good. And with that comes good news as well: Delusion, one of the premiere Halloween events in Los Angeles, is returning this year. And to make it even better, they are returning to their horror roots, according to Jon Braver, Creator and Director.

But to make it even better, Delusion will be teaming up with the Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group, the largest Halloween entertainment company in the world, as producer to the show. Braver will also be joining Thirteenth Floor as Director of Immersive Entertainment.  The joining of these two Halloween heavyweights promises to bring fans their best Delusion experience yet.

“Delusion has always been my favorite immersive event, I have gone out of my way to attend the show for years.  I have so much respect and admiration for the world that Jon has created with Delusion and am truly honored that our company will serve as its producer” says Chris Stafford, Thirteenth Floor’s CEO.  “I think what will be awesome about our collaboration is that the strength and structure of Thirteenth Floor will allow Jon to focus his primary attention on ensuring the story and creative design is the best it can possibly be.”

“Being able to lean on Thirteenth Floor and their resources will be great for Delusion,” says Braver.  “Chris and I have been speaking for years about working together, and finally, everything has lined up.  I feel invigorated being surrounded by such talented Halloween die-hards. I couldn’t be more excited for the next Delusion show.”

Location scouting is underway and a venue is in the process of being secured.

Stafford adds, “Jon has shared with me little pieces of the story line and it sounds amazing, fun and terrifying! As a fan, I can’t wait to see this production of Delusion come to life.”

How can we not be excited for this marriage made in horror hell? Halloween 2021 just got a whole let better!

Delusion fans can sign up to register for early access to tickets on the website (enterdelusion.com).  As they have in the past, tickets are expected to sell out quickly, so stay tuned for pre-sale and on-sale updates.

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