Loneliness drives people to do peculiar things, such as answering messages from random emails and unknown numbers. Luckily, my email does a wonderful job of stopping Nigerian Princes wanting to send me money. It actually did such a great job at keeping emails out that it immediately put my first correspondence from LOVELOCKED in the spam folder!

LOVELOCKED is a two-week, remote immersive experience conducted through email and phone calls. Melody Phillips and Eli Magyor, the creators behind Twin Knife Productions, boast a strong debut production that knocks the ball straight out of the park.

The first day of LOVELOCKED caught my absent mind by surprise. After I fumbled my way through a call from Detective Martin Starling (voiced by Joshua Simon), I finally remembered to look for the email that signified the start of this experience. Once I finally caught on to the gist of things, I was ready to open my lonely heart to whatever was thrown my way.

LOVELOCKED proved to be the warm embrace that could cure any bout of loneliness. I quickly found myself becoming fast friends with Christine West (Melody Phillips) and her lover Freddy Torrance (Eli Magyor). My days were spent looking forward to the email that would allow me to live vicariously through Christine and Freddy’s tumultuous relationship. Daily correspondences led to a feeling of a friendship as the story shifted and procured a fulfilling arc with an underlying edge to it.

LOVELOCKED was an ethereal piece that transcended time and left me feeling happily nostalgic. When the experience ended, I felt as if a piece of me remained with the characters in their realm as I returned to mine, leaving me longing for more. I look forward to seeing what Twin Knife Productions creates in the future. As a matter of fact, it’s a date.

You can find more information on the show’s Instagram at @l0vel0cked. You can learn more about Twin Knife Productions on their Instagram at @twinknifeproductions. 

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