Actor Michael DeVorzon is a nice guy. Son of Grammy-winning and Academy Award-nominated songwriter, composer Barry DeVorzon and Jelinda DeVorzon, he has made a career as a character actor, writer, producer in Los Angeles. His most recent role is the evil lady killer, Vincent Black in the upcoming Lifetime original movie HER DEADLY GROOM, which allows him to explore some dark territory with a side of cheese and a lot of relish.

The official synopsis follows…

Her Deadly Groom: Recent divorcee Alison (Kate Watson) is nervous about jumping back into the dating pool.  When her best friend sets her up on a dating site, Alison is matched with Vincent (Michael DeVorzon), a mysterious man who appears to be too good to be true…because he is.  Will Alison uncover the truth about Vincent’s motives before it’s too late?

Her Deadly Groom premieres tonight on lifetime and just ahead of his killer debut we had a chance to talk with Michael over the phone about playing one creeper of a guy.

HorrorBuzz: How does it feel to be a villain in a Lifetime movie?

Michael DeVorzon: It’s an honor to be a villain in a lifetime movie! haha and it was a fun role to take on. You get to see two sides of the character, Vincent. The romantic leading man side and then his dark side, that he’s really a psychopath and a cold blooded killer. Charming in some scenes and then deadly in others, sounds like fun to me!

HB: You could see that you were really relishing some of the crazier parts. What was the atmosphere like on the set?

MD: The atmosphere was great, there was a good vibe on set. I loved working with director, Jared Cohn. We were shooting a lot of pages every day and no matter how crazy things might get at times to complete the day’s work, he always kept things grounded. That  trickles down to all the cast and crew and definitely helped me stay focused and do the best work I could do.

HB: Who do you think is really going to connect with this movie?

MD: Everyone that enjoys a wickedly delicious thrill ride and a deadly romance. I hope that both women and men will connect with the material and characters. Vincent and Alison match on an online dating app, which is very timely with online dating and social media being so prevalent. It’s a cautionary tale in the sense that this could happen to anybody.

HB: So do you prefer being the villain?

MD: I have to admit playing this villain was a lot of fun! He’s a complex character and getting into the subtleties of his inner world was a unique experience . I also enjoy unleashing the beast inside me, channeling my own inner turmoil and rage.

HB: How has the pandemic affected your work? Do you see anything happening on the horizon with that, or do you see things opening up soon?

MD: I was lucky to get two films completed before the pandemic but things have been pretty shut down since then. I think it’s going to be a slow process, a process of seeing what works and what’s manageable. I do think it’s a great time for independent filmmaking, if you can keep a smaller crew and have a film that’s more contained. Big blockbusters and major motion pictures, I think there’s going to be a learning curve. There are a lot of smart people out there that are working on this to see how they’re going to do it. I’m just hoping for the best and that we all get through this.

HB: Are there any other projects you have in development for when the pandemic is over?

MD:  I’ve gotten really into screenwriting in recent years. I just finished my third feature script. First I wrote a dark, edgy drama, then a comedy-adventure and the most recent script, a small-town love story with Hallmark in mind.  Writing has become a real passion of mine.

HB: We wish you the best of luck. So the next time something that falls into the thriller or wheelhouse, please give us a call.

Her Deadly Groom Premieres July 26th, 2020 at 8pm ET/PT on Lifetime


Her Deadly Groom
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