Do you love Halloween? I suspect that you do. Why else would you be at HorrorBuzz? I LOVE Halloween! Without a doubt, the Halloween season is the greatest time of year. It’s a shame it hallreally only lasts for a month and half or so. At least, that’s how it used to be. Back during the winter of 2012, I discovered something: Halloween doesn’t have to end. Thanks to a couple of haunts extending into November (and even December!) as well as some Christmas Themed Haunts, I was able to do something Halloween or Haunt related every week in November and the first half of December. And while that was pretty good, it was not good enough!
So in 2013 I decided to challenge myself. Could I do something Halloween, haunt, horror or supernatural/paranormal related at least once week for EVERY week in the year? It turns out, I could and Fifty Two Weeks of Halloween was born. I set some rules for myself and off I went. I had so much fun doing it in 2013, I decided to keep it going into 2014. In the end I managed to do something fun and spooky one hundred and four weeks in a row!
After taking 2015 off, I’m ready to do it again and I’m very happy to partner with HorrorBuzz to bring y’all along with me. First, let’s start with the rules:

  • The week runs Monday through Sunday for the purposes of this challenge.
  • Photographic proof is required when possible.
  • Visiting a year round establishment will count once, unless they have new exhibits or special events.
  • New run theatrical horror movies will count only once.
  • Viewing a horror movie at home will NOT count.
  • Special movie engagements (marathons, Q&A screenings, old movies in the theater) will count.

At this point you’re probably wondering ‘Who is this guy and why does he think he’s qualified?’ Aside from being a lifelong Halloween fanatic, I’ve been a professional scare performer for 15 years. I’ve worked seasons at Knott’s Scary Farm, Halloween Horror Nights, and Dark Harbor, as well as guest performing with events such as Blackout and the Playboy Halloween Party. I’ve also attended more than my fair share of haunts, ranging from the ultra-intense Freakling Brother’s Victim Experience all the way down to mild yard displays like Boney Island.


Scott Sytten at Dark Harbor

So what can you except from Fifty Two Weeks of Halloween? I plan on sharing my experiences with you, and while, naturally, my opinion on the various events I attend will be a part of that, this is not intended to be an unbiased review. I’ll be checking out lots of projects that close friends are involved in and it’s just impossible for me to remain completely objective. Hell, projects I’m involved in will be part of this thing! I also plan on having my accounts published on the following Sunday.
If you’d like to follow along with me and check out what I’m doing in real time, follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @52Halloween. I will try to tweet out what I’m doing any given week as soon as I figure it out! If you have any questions for me, you can always email me at

Let the scary begin!

About the Author: Scott Sytten

Scott Sytten is a lifelong fan of Halloween and all it entails. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @52 Halloween. Do you have a favorite event you think he should check out? Email him at