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Magic H8 Ball is the horror/comedy short film about a man rediscovering himself after coming into the possession of a real magic eight ball. It starts with a man named Adam in the waiting room of his Doctor’s office. A mysterious magic eight ball seemingly appears out of no where. Naturally, he asks questions with answers that are oddly specific to him. After receiving the diagnosis that he has tested positive with an STD, he takes the magic eight ball with him for an adventure of self discovery and self indulgence.

Written and directed by Dan Hass. It had an off beat, quirky sense of humour briskly paced so events play out quickly but don’t feel rushed. It’s written in a way to make it a queer story but their sexual orientation doesn’t define who they are. Its not a short film about being gay, it’s about relationships and personal growth. Sharp satire is more prevalent than horror elements bit it’s still entertaining none the less.

Nathan Mohebbi plays Adam. His superb comedic timing is what drives the film. After getting into a heated discussion with his boyfriend he undergoes the magic eight ball tale with a hysterical performance. Most of the film is him facing new experiences based on what the famous toy suggests. His reactions to what happens is where his impeccable comedic timing comes into play.

Chris Boudreaux plays Mark. He’s Adam’s boyfriend. His brief but memorable performance adds heart to the film. He provides a layer of dimension to the Adam character and is the catalyst to the misadventure explored. When questioned about infidelity he hilariously retorts with witty banter for a lovers quarrel that’s both heartfelt and funny. His performance crucially explores how cheaters never prosper.

Robin Thorsen plays the Doctor. Her sarcasm is unmatched as well as her screen presence. While she doesn’t get much screen time she makes the most of it with her portrayal of one of the more memorable characters in the movie.

Overall, clever comedic writing of Magic H8 Ball is elevated by creative directing that’s brought to life with a vibrant cast of colourful characters. It’s the type of humour reminiscent of Arrested Development or It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia so if you find those shows funny this is for you. And remember, an unconventional, original story is hard to come by nowadays but will this irreverent short film will tickle you pink in all the right places? All signs point to yes!

Give it a watch below!


10 out of 10


Magic H8 Ball
Runtime: 14 Mins.
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