Today we share with you, dear readers, an exclusive clip from the upcoming film THE GIRL WHO GOT AWAY. Written and directed by Michael Morrissey the film tells the tale of a young girl that is haunted by her captor from years past. The thriller stars Lexi Johnson, Chukwudi Iwuji, Geoffrey Cantor, Kaye Tuckerman, Willow McCarthy, Ned Van Zandt, and Audrey Grace Marshall.

Synopsis: Massena, New York. It’s 1998, and a decade of terror comes to a close with the capture of Elizabeth Caulfield, a serial killer who abducted and murdered the young girls she pretended were her own. All but one. Christina Bowden lives a lonely and unassuming existence until Caulfield escapes from prison. Under new investigation, the stories of Christina’s past begin to unravel. There’s good and evil in everyone, but as the lies are unearthed, Christina needs to choose a side before the darkness of her secrets swallows her whole.

Enjoy the clip below and carefully reconsider helping anyone who has crashed on the side of the road. THE GIRL WHO GOT AWAY will release on August 20, 2021 from Quiver Distribution

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