Set within the atmosphere of an old-school film noir, Pecaminosa intrigues people quickly – but is it interesting enough to keep the players captivated throughout the entirety of the game? 




Pecaminosa is a police action RPG set in a border city between the United States and Mexico. Players take on the role of John Souza, a former detective taking on the strangest case of his career. When a mysterious ghost approaches and blackmails him into taking on a new case, John takes the city by storm.




This RPG uses simple mechanics; talk to suspicious characters, throw some blows with your fists, or even play some classic Blackjack to earn some extra cash. The controls are incredibly easy to use for new and old gamers alike.


The biggest gameplay mechanic you use in this game is the L.I.F.E. system – Luck, Intelligence, Force, Endurance. As players level up, they gain points that can be put towards one of the categories to buff up their gameplay. With luck, you might find more money scattered around. With intelligence, you might even be able to manipulate a suspect into giving you more information. 




  • The narrative is interesting in the start, gripping players as they strive to solve the overarching mystery.
  • The jazzy soundtrack is perfectly set amongst the ambience, and follows throughout the ups and downs of the entire plot.
  • NPCs are appealing, and not at all a chore to interrogate. 
  • The pixelated graphics are detailed, and lend a hand to the cryptic environment.




  • The combat system is pretty clunky and could use some work, especially before acquiring a suitable weapon. Most of the fights consist of throwing a punch and running away until an opportunity presents itself.
  • The environments do get a bit repetitive; dark, sketchy, and filled with the dominating criminals. While it does add to the theme, it also becomes a bit dull. 




Overall, for the price of $14.99, Pecaminosa is worth the cost they place it at, especially for fans of the noir genre.


Rating: 6 out of 10 Bottles of Mack Janiels

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