If you were someone who is on the run with nobody to turn to, what would you do? The producers of this movie decided that making an awful movie was the best decision. These are a few words that help describe the film: The Serpent. 

The plot of The Serpent revolves around Lucinda Kavsky (Gia Skova) going on a special assignment in China. Still, things go wrong, and she gets set up by her agency. The movie serves as a spy-on-the-run sort of movie trying to solve the mystery of everything. 

The Serpent is a passion project done by the main actress, producer, writer, and director, Gia Skova. It would have been in her favor to maybe get some extra help on this project because the movie is not great. 

The cinematography of the film was very weird. The scenes did have the best connection with each other. This left for some confusion between scenes. Furthermore, the editing was just not very good. It was sloppy and did not help the pacing of the film at all. The movie could have used better shots and fixed the massive pacing problem, and it still wouldn’t have fixed the worst part of this movie: the acting.

I wish that I could praise the acting of this film as it can sometimes be a redeeming quality for the bad movies that I watch, but this was not the case. Gia Skova, the main actress, did not do a great job of carrying Lucinda. She also did not create tension within her character, leading to a dull lead. The other supporting characters were not memorable at all. Overall, the acting was just the biggest downer of this film. 

I will say as bad as this movie is, it is really funny to watch. All the bad things about it make your stomach hurt from laughing. I could remember parts of the film that I had to pause just because I needed a minute not to laugh. It would be best if you definitely had a bunch of friends to watch this movie so that you can all suffer in pain together. 

Overall, the movie is not good, and I am telling you all that you should probably refrain from watching it. Still, hey, if you want a terrible spy flick to watch with your friends one weekend, then I guess The Serpent might be a good pick for you. 

Rating: 4 out of 10

The Serpent
Runtime: 1 hr 29 mins
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