Opioids. Many people overdose on them every year, and it continues to become a bigger and bigger problem each year. But what if someone rises to stop this threat? What if someone does the dirty things nobody wants to do to solve this problem? Or is this person a false hero? This is PainKiller.

The plot of PainKiller revolves around Bill Johnson (Bill Oberst Jr.), a father who lost his child to an overdose. The story follows Bill through a revenge trip as he tries to stop the people behind the opioid epidemic. This all creates a fantastic thriller that keeps the audience questioning their own moral compass.

The very few flaws in this film do not take away from anything within the story. There are a few moments where dialogue can be weirdly worded, and sometimes there were cuts that didn’t make sense. Also, the film has many scenes that seem entirely unnecessary. These unnecessary scenes make the plot a little more complicated than it needs to be. Overall, these minor flaws don’t take away from the film that much. The most captivating part of the technical aspect of the film is the editing. It has a very cool style that I can’t describe, which makes it wonderfully unique.

In addition, PainKiller has a great score. The music only adds to the film’s intensity and helps really set the mood for every scene. I was amazed by the quality of the score, and I am thrilled that it only made the movie better.

The cinematography of the film enhances the themes of the film. The film thrives on themes and plot. The film’s themes are very relevant to modern-day politics and everyday life. Still, we don’t get a correct answer to these questions. This leaves the audience with their own questions and interpretations of the true meaning of this film.

While I have so much praise for the cinematography, I have even more praise for the acting. Bill Oberst Jr. clearly put in some amazing work to try and create a highly complex anti-hero. I hope his work in this is more greatly recognized because it is absolutely amazing. The protagonist is met with a great antagonist named Alan Rhodes (Michael Paré). Both these characters clash very well and make for a fantastic time. In addition, the film has a great supporting cast with Austin Janowsky as Al. Although PainKiller is a plot-driven film, it could not be done without its impressive character building and sophisticated narratives.

Overall, Mark Savage’s PainKiller takes on a whole new meaning for the revenge thriller genre. The film is very personable and leaves the audience wondering the correct answer to the film’s themes. You do not want to miss this film. It has the potential to become a great cult film in the future, and I hope that more people get a chance to appreciate this film.


7.5 out of 10


Runtime: 1 Hr. 25 Mins.
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