Drunken Devil, the live-events production company focused on horror-themed immersive parties, dropped a Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming interactive audio drama The Cosmic Game. The company has announced today that the initial $10,000 fundraising goal was exceeded less than 48 hours after the campaign launch!

The Cosmic Game is an audio adventure rooted in horror, wrapped in fantasy, and riddled with sharp humor and over-the-top fun. This new auditory experience will debut this summer and boasts an exciting off-the-wall twist on the story of creation. In the supernatural drama, God and the Devil challenge each other to a game of wit and influence, with humanity’s fate hanging in the balance. As they journey from the Garden of Eden to New Orleans’ infamous Storyville circa 1917, listeners will meet a host of colorful characters who plunge them into an otherworldly conflict filled with bloody battles, dark magic, and violent cults.


If that weren’t enough, the story also features interactive elements and uniquely curated cocktail pairings. The initial goal money received will be used to supplement costs of cast, crew, post-production, and marketing to ensure The Cosmic Game reaches as many fans as possible. With the original goal already in the rearview mirror, Drunken Devil has set up several “stretch goals” to further fund the nine episodes of The Comic Game’s first season.

As the audio drama unfolds, audience members can choose to become involved in the interactive storytelling elements such as deciphering clues in documents and dossiers (that if solved expand the story universe in real-time), and engaging with fellow audience members in a community hub. Fans and past attendees of Drunken Devil events might recognize a few familiar faces as key characters from other experiences will appear throughout the season.

Donors to The Cosmic Game Kickstarter will receive each episode of the drama before the general public, which will be available on major audio streaming services. Donors will also have the opportunity (depending on the donation level), to receive special gifts and swag, including limited edition pins, prints, and a recipe book with each episode’s cocktail. And for all the super sleuths out there… each gift features a clue about the Cosmic Game story.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign and visit Drunken Devil’s website for updates and info on this new and exciting auditory experience!

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