Celebrating Halloween is becoming more and more popular every year. It was at this time that both fashion designers and developers of slots presented in the casino Canada online, and musicians presented their creations. Likewise, interior designers do not stand aside and offer their own options for extraordinary and mystical changes in the interior.

Decorate the Interior With Candles

Today it is fashionable to create pseudo fireplaces from candles. To do this, you need to take as many candles as possible and place them on a heat-resistant surface – for example, a metal tray, a ceramic plate, and the like.

Remember the fire safety rules: do not leave candles near flammable objects, in particular, curtains and tulle. Also, never leave lit candles unattended.

Make Installations From Scrap Materials

Weave traditional pumpkins from a vine, or glue them together using papier-mâché. The process of creating familiar holiday symbols from radically new materials will definitely appeal to children.

You can also craft mystical items in large sizes. For example, make giant poisonous mushrooms out of flexible wire and cover them with cloth or paper.

Stick Your Own Story on the Windows

Come up with a plot, characters, and scenery. Cut it all out of paper and stick it on the windows.

Designers advise not to make the details too small. Use the window as a continuous canvas, let the characters be clearly visible on it.

You can make the applique multi-colored, or vice versa, cut everything out of paper of the same color. The second option will look more stylish.


Create a Holiday Hut

Children love to create a variety of houses and huts in the apartment. Join them and plunge into childhood for a while.

Use whatever is at hand. Make a hut out of bedspreads, be sure to put a garland there or hang a lamp in the form of bulbs. Place pillows on the floor for a comfortable seating position.

Decorate Your Apartment With Posters

Today on the Internet there are many wonderful templates in which you can create posters with festive pictures and free text.

Print them out on paper or cardboard and hang them on the walls. These posters can be created for various holidays – they will replace cards and will be a great reminder of celebrating with your family.


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