Today the new slasher thriller DREAMCATCHER arrives in theaters and VOD. It’s the story of masked superstar, DJ Dreamcatcher and a group of friends that attend one of his events, only to have things go horribly wrong. A drug-fueled suicide at the EDM event sends the DJ’s agent into overdrive and the friends running for their lives when a killer wearing the DJ’s signature mask begins stalking and killing them all. The brainchild of first-time feature director Jacob Johnston, the movie is a loving homage to 90’s slasher pics placed in the modern world of electronic dance music events.

We had the privilege of speaking with Jacob on his new film and how it came to be. Getting his start in Visual Development and working on the Marvel movies, among other things, Johnston is a cool, affable guy who hides a satisfyingly sick mind that can hatch tales of horror.

Please enjoy the interview below!

Samuel Goldwyn Films  released the horror / thriller film, DREAMCATCHER On Digital and On Demand March 5, 2021. 

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