I’m almost at a loss of what to say about Jordan Wong’s Mountain Lodge. I found it hilarious, of course, except more in the way that it kept a happily bemused grin on my face for pretty much the whole thing than a constant laugh-out-loud sense. Don’t get me wrong–I absolutely laughed aloud on a number of occasions, but there’s such a sustained level of pure amusement going with not a moment wasted I think it’s almost more a comedy marathon. Instead of LOL highs and quiet moment lows, Mountain Lodge achieves peak “What am I watching?” weird hilarity early on and never looks back.

While a plot summary of some kind is what’s typically next and there certainly is a focused thrust, I don’t think me diving into specifics would help. It’s about a candle from a line of scents directed at men or those who’d like a trip to man town via what they consider “manly” aromas and I’ll leave it at that.

Why is it so funny? Well, explaining the humor in niche comedy like this couldn’t be more of a waste of time but I can tell you I felt a little like this was made for me with it’s random Hannibal shout-outs, recognizable musical ques, propulsive editing style, and an appreciation of a certain weight class of man (the Chris Evans one, as Mountain Lodge delves into).

On a personal note, Mountain Lodge brought me back to those random 3AM videos one might find themselves and some buddies watching after an evening of video games and (entirely medicinal) weed like Too Many Cooks. While this kind of stuff very much so isn’t for everyone I think the ones who take to it *really* take to it and I took to Mountain Lodge.

Mountain Lodge is currently playing at Slamdance 2021.


9 out of 10 Trips To Man Town


Mountain Lodge
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Runtime: 8 Mins.
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