Have you given much thought to what happens to a therapist’s career post-apocalypse? Sure, we’ve all heard plenty about working from home and how the workflow has to change, but I’m talking real, nuclear fallout, dead walking the earth level apocalypse. What does a therapist do? Well, in the case of Dr. Eschaton (Messalina Morley) they pivot to the clientele at hand — zombies.

Zombie Felix (Julian Fadullon) may be a zombie of few words, but Dr. Eschaton is the woman for his case – filling in the blanks between his grunts and groans to analyze his deepest emotions. What looks like an insatiable hunger to us is easily explained by mommy issues once Dr. Eschaton starts dissecting Felix’ inner thoughts. Their session, however, is interrupted by Mace (Alisa Soto), a gruff, grungy post-apocalyptic warrior, ready to knock Felix’ block off at the first sign of resistance. Joke’s on her, though – her session isn’t for another ten minutes.

It probably doesn’t surprise you after reading what I just wrote, but ZOMBIE SHRINK is no more or less than a fun, bloody romp. Absolutely silly, absolutely fun, and no sign of deeper morals or meaning. ZOMBIE SHRINK just IS. And clocking in at under seven minutes, I’m not sure what more you could expect. A few laughs, some silly sight gags, and a few topical jokes on the end of the world – a recipe for a perfect little diversion. Solid performances, a bizarre but appropriately post-apocalyptic setting (apparently after the apocalypse therapy sessions take place in warehouses), and a very simple and silly concept make this short a fun little break from our all-too-apocalyptic reality.

6 out of 10 

Zombie Shrink
Runtime: 7 Mins.
Directed By:
Pablo Andreu
Written By: Pablo Andreu


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