NMJ Films is back again, this time as The Visitor, a mysterious keeper of twisted tales, presents you with two simple spooky stories. We see The Visitor as he commits these tales to tape – who they are for, or who will eventually find them, we do not know. What we do know is that these Two Twisted Tales are deeply disturbing forays into terror. 

The first tale is the backstory to Genevieve, the killer doll previously seen in Genevieve and Genevieve Wreaks Havoc, two short films released by NMJ Films earlier this year. Until now, we’ve never known the dark nuances of Genevieve’s origin story. This is the first time her past is laid out for us, with disturbing detail. Interestingly, as I clicked through the links posted beneath the NMJ Films page on Youtube, I discovered that there is an officially licensed Genevieve doll. It’s clear that, as I mentioned in my original review of Genevieve, they’ve seen the commercial potential here and run with it. I am hopeful for more creepy and wonderful killer doll content soon based on what I saw in Two Twisted Tales!

Our second tale follows Michelle (Alexis Beacher), a new widow, who has fallen into a rut of depression fueled internet shopping. One night she finds herself on the dark web, shopping for mystery boxes. When she finally pulls the trigger, what arrives on her doorstep is more horrifying than she ever could have pictured when she clicked that “buy now” button.

NMJ Films is accomplishing what I believe to be the next wave of short form cinema – short, bite size horror tales that leave you begging for more. Just enough information to keep your interest piqued, but not so much that you’re bored at the end of the story. Each of the Two Twisted Tales leaves you thinking and wondering, hoping for another chapter. I’m hoping more than anything for more wonderful, and wonderfully horrific, tales from The Visitor very soon.

7 out of 10


Two Twisted Tales
RATING: NR No trailer available 🙁
Runtime: 3 Mins.
Directed By:
Written By: Nicholas Michael Jacobs



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