There’s something inherently terrifying about losing control of yourself, which has been used to great effect in films involving possession. The concept of demons wrestling for control of the soul of humans hit its crescendo with The Exorcist which terrified the nation. Where the fun begins with subgenres that have such an effect on audiences is when they are put in comical situations. Numerus Duo¬†finds the hilarity in the shocking world of possessions by staging it in an extraordinary location, a restroom.

In a cathedral on a dark stormy night during communion Chrisle, a young girl who has been called sinful by the church’s nun, receives her wafer before rushing to the restroom. Fighting through stomach cramps and the echoes of dark voices in her head she makes it to the toilet. After a short conversation with the voices, it is clear they intend to evacuate Christle from her own body. After an enormous release of gas catches the attention of the head priest and the nun they soon see the mess that the voices have made of the restroom with the use of Christle’s body.

While you would be forgiven for brushing off a short film containing farts and fecal flinging as not “elevated horror”, Numerus Duo‘s genius lies in its production design. From fantastic lighting and wonderful cinematography to quite a bit of well made special effects, this short does not skimp on creativity. It’s handling of its own low brow concept is even masterful in the way the obvious horror of the situation is explored in comical ways. If there is a weakness to it, it could be a bit too tongue in cheek for its own good but you can’t help but see the fun the crew were having on this project and not feel the enjoyment yourself.

7 out of 10


Numerus Duo
Runtime:8 Mins.
Directed By:
Written By:

About the Author: Max Matta

A huge horror fan with a fondness for 80s slashers. Can frequently be found at southern California horror screenings and events.
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