Legendary Comics just dropped their new graphic novel adaptation of Dracula, complete with the man who brought the count to life, Bela Lugosi! This is the first time Bram Stoker’s original novel is being paired with the quintessential on-screen face of the titular vampire, and it couldn’t look any better. The graphic novel officially released on November 3rd and is available online and in bookstores everywhere. The book was adapted and edited by Robert Napton and features art by El Garing. Purists out there need not fear for the faithfulness of Lugosi’s inclusion, as his son Bela G. Lugosi and granddaughter Lynne Lugosi Sparks both have credits on the project as executive consultants.

Most people will be at least passingly familiar with the plot of the original novel, but for those who’d like a refresher here’s the official synopsis from Legendary: In the late 19th Century, Dracula, an ancient Transylvanian vampire, moves to England to find fresh blood and spread his evil contagion. There, he encounters two women, Lucy and Mina, who become the targets of his dark obsession. Aided by a group of brave men, Professor Van Helsing arrives on the scene to take on the Vampire Prince in the ultimate battle between the forces of light and dark!

If you’re still on the fence about this one you can check out a pitch-perfect new motion trailer for the book too:

The art style is bold and perfectly captures the feeling of the golden age of Hollywood as well as the stage presence of Lugosi. I particularly love the illustration of the ship hurtling through the sea and Lugosi looming over a pair of wolves. Recreating the source material with Lugosi is a brilliant idea and I can’t imagine anyone not wanting more Dracula. It’s a match made in….heaven? Hell? That’s for you to decide!

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