We all know the tale of Bloody Mary… in a room with only a candle for light, chant the name “Bloody Mary” a specific number of times and Mary herself will appear. What happens after she appears varies but the result is almost never a positive one. Meganne, a vlogger that specializes in creepy stories and experiences, decides to gives the ol’ Bloody Mary trick a whirl and (much to her dismay) catches some footage on camera that is sure to get her some views. 

Writer/Director Michael Davis took a very familiar story and breathed a new life into it with strong elements of surprise and suspense that make this short film one not to be missed. Though Bloody Mary is only 10 minutes long, every second is rich with suspense. I was instantly hooked and as the film progressed, I found moments where I didn’t even want to blink for fear I would miss some gritty detail. 

The film contains several effects that were simple yet effective. Nothing felt cheesy or under/overdone. I especially liked the sequence in which several items end up on the ceiling. That effect combined with the cinematography creates a disorienting feeling that only enhances the viewing experience. The presence or portals and dimensions were also done in a way that was effective without being excessive. 

The sound and cinematography blend together seamlessly to create one terrifying product. So many of the shots are askew, distorted, upside down, or frenzied which accurately gives Bloody Mary a very panicked feel. This is only strengthened by Meganne Kocher’s performance. Being the focal point for almost the entire duration of a film can be challenging, but Kocher rises to the challenge. She remained engaging, dynamic, and entertaining the entire time. The ending sequence, by far, was my favorite and I’ll leave it at that! Overall, Bloody Mary was a great example of the ideal horror short–simple idea, punchy, suspenseful, entertaining, and of course lots of blood. 


8 out of 10


Bloody Mary
Runtime: 10 Mins.
Directed By:
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