There can be movies that set out with an idea in mind that get muddle along the way or just don’t know how to see their concept through. Nowadays there is a surplus of movies to feel like there are movies for every type of person, but with so many voices in the world, there are always new perspectives to be found. DieRy takes the unique perspective of the main character that is an Instagram influencer that has past traumas that she is working to overcome in the midst of a vicious stalker following her. Unfortunately, the road to bad movies is paved with good intentions and the theme gets lost along the way.

Marie from the outside has it all. Beauty, fame, and a luxurious life, but under that fabulous facade, she is a woman with a difficult past. After cutting ties with her abusive boyfriend she throws a party to starting anew and hopefully things improving from there. That is until she receives a letter from a stranger who has stolen her diary and has intentions of using it in dubious ways. As the stranger becomes more unhinged, aggressive, and lethal to those around her Magie looks for help to stop the stranger and find out who they might be.

DieRy is a film with a cingular plot but many characters and situations happening that create a messy story. In a murder mystery sort of fashion, the film has plenty of characters that could possibly be the diary thief, as well as characters directly helping Marie with the mystery. A good chunk of the film is dedicated to Marie’s teacher’s friend doing detective work that is some of the best moments in the film, but it feels almost clunky considering it isn’t Marie herself do the heavy lifting in her mystery.

Where is the biggest problem that lies with the movie is when the theme of the film is revealed near the end it comes off as muddled and underdeveloped. Without giving to much away Marie has lived a life full of intense trama and the film shows her turning that trauma into strength. This is a fantastic message to have and is the kind of message that isn’t in enough media, especially form a woman’s perspective but this is in direct conflict with parts of the film and its film’s conclusion. DieRy takes a very strong feminist approach, so it feels disappointing and contradictory to have a male character solving the mystery for Marie along with other male savior moments.

If this was a detailed discussion of the ending there are definitely arguments in favor of exactly how the movie ends but as it stands there are conflicts in DieRy. This is the kind of film that saddens me doesn’t work for me on all the technical levels but I am happy to know it was made. There are so many voices that haven’t been heard yet in this world and this seems like one that can speak out to the right person.

4 out of 10

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