Welcome, Outlanders, to post-war Norway – where in Vigor, you are a lone Survivor and must make your way through tough terrain and survive radioactive dust clouds while fighting off enemies with the same goals of building a compound and living your days with hope that, one day, humanity will rebuild itself! The good thing is, this game is free to play on Xbox right now!


Vigor is a free-to-play online, 3rd person looter-shooter survival game, set in a post-apocalyptic radioactive-ridden Norway, where the goal is to find resources and equipment to build a shelter and survive.


Vigor takes a hold of the looter-shooter genre with the likes of Escape From Tarkov, but for console; which is okay with me, since I’m mainly a console player – I just can’t give up what I was raised on. Vigor gives you the sense of “hurry, loot, get out, don’t get killed,” because you will lose all of your loot that you found, which could be problematic since you lose everything you brought with you to loot the towns. Because of this, you either have to be sneaky, or just be the guy with the bigger gun. One of the cool things is you get coins when you level up, or when you level up your house, so you could use coins to pay to keep all your loot, even if you die out in the world. So be fast, swift, and get out!


The thing I like about Vigor is the rush you get when you find the things that you need to upgrade your house, or your guns, and the need to get out without dying; or getting the loot crate that drops in each match before everyone else. The looting system in this fast-paced game is done really well, and for that I tip my hat to Bohemian Interactive, because nowadays, the looting system in shooter games and battle royales could get really muddled!


In every game, there has to be stuff you don’t like, and it’s one of those things that every game does at some point in their life span. The pay-to-win system that gets implemented just feels like it’s too much. I understand it’s a free to play game, but the person with the most money is going to have the best outcome in each game. The pay to win system needs to be thrown away!


For what it is, Vigor gives you what you want out of a looter-shooter. Bohemian Interactive allowed me to have one of their many gun custom packs, which made me feel stylish on the battlefield. Vigor also has a battle pass, which is a plus when you play in today’s game scene. And on top of all that, it’s a free-to-play game – its a win-win!

It’s available on Xbox One, where I played, and also available on Nintendo Switch, but for a cost of $19.99 for the Founder’s Pack Bundle.

7 Outlanders out of 10

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