A coroner fixes up the new body in the morgue, and adds a few touches of his own.

They say everybody dies. But not everyone handles the subject of death the same way. When it comes to a coroner, it may seem that they can be attached to an understanding of the circle of life. But, what if to be a person that handles death requires a skill of appreciation towards the final stage and the emptiness a corpse represents? What if a coroner finds its their piece in death because it doesn’t reject anyone?

Kissed (2020) tells the short story of a coroner appreciating the corpse of a drowning victim. As the story develops in a short period of time, it can be intuited that the coroner’s fixation is so intense that it exceeds the border of necrophilia. Once the coroner is done playing around with the body, he decides to lock it back inside a refrigerated mortuary cabinet. But, as one would suspect, nothing stays locked up forever, and even a corpse can come back to claim an insinuating lover.

Elwood Quincy Walker has done several entertaining and spooky shorts that are aimed to suspense. But there is something different about Kissed. It even seems as if his main goal for it was to spook the pulp and seeds out of everyone’s pumpkin. His formula works stupendously for this new short film.

Every minute that passes is a minute of tension that keeps building towards the end. Halfway through the short, the music abruptly stops, making the viewer feel that something may happen at any time. However, the tension continues to build up to the rewarding and terrifying release.

Everything is right on point: the setting is cold, the character is a creep, the music is eerie, the effects are nauseating, and the story is messed up. Even if, by the words used to describe the short, it may seem like it’s a hideous piece of work, it’s not. Kissed is a work of art. It has the right vibe for classic horror fans. It even throws around some evident elements as an homage to the baselines of horror.

Packed with classic tricks that work perfectly in traditional horror, Kissed is a short film that will leave you asking for more. As the story may be intensely predictable, the delivery will leave you breathless as it’s still creepy and satisfying.


Runtime: 6 Mins.
Directed By:
Written By:

About the Author: Brandon Henry

Brandon Henry was born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico, just south of the border of San Diego. His birthplace is the main reason nothing really scares him (kidding… it’s a very safe place). His love for horror films came when his parents accidentally took him to watch Scream, at the age of 6, thinking that it was a safe-choice because it starred “that girl from Friends”. At 12, he experienced the first of many paranormal events in his life. While he waits to be possessed by the spirit of a satanic mechanic, he works as a Safety Engineer and enjoys going to the theater, watching movies and falling asleep while reading a book. Follow him on Instagram @brndnhnry and on Twitter @brandon_henry.
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