Ted Morris (Shawn C. Phillips) has a notorious haunted doll. Her origins are murky, mysterious, and suspicious. Everything about Ted Morris is suspicious. He’s attending his son’s funeral when two criminals break in to steal the doll – thinking it’s a hoax and a good way to get some quick cash – but they have no idea what they’re in for.

At five minutes long, GENEVIEVE packs a powerful horror punch. The doll herself is unique and frightening, beautifully constructed by Christine Musser. The film itself is remarkably simple – shot with a single camera, POV-style, and mostly through darkness and quick movements. In fact, one of the most potent of GENEVIEVE’s scare tactics is how little you actually see.

I love seeing movies like GENEVIEVE make their way out into the world. Single-camera, a tiny crew, and simple concept. This is exactly what independent short films should be. In a new-media-centric world, where social media and video platforms are instantly accessible and seen by so many, films like GENEVIEVE can thrive – creating lore and a presence beyond what the film itself shows, or doesn’t. After watching the short itself I was directed to a 30-second teaser, sharing “The Story of Genevieve”, which reveals some of the nuances of the doll, and of Ted Morris. Something as simple as that can make a massive impact in the film world.

While the production of GENEVIEVE has a decidedly low budget feeling, I think the story and the doll herself are interesting and new enough to hopefully elicit more Genevieve content – whether that includes a feature or an anthology series on the doll, or just a social media presence. GENEVIEVE is both haunted and haunting and bound to live well into the afterlife.

GENEVIEVE drops on Amazon Prime July 15, 2020.

6/10 stars

Runtime: 5 Mins.
Directed By:
Nicholas Michael Jacobs
Written By:
Nicholas Michael Jacobs

About the Author: Miranda Riddle

Makeup Artist, Monster Maker, Educator, Producer, Haunt-lover, and all around Halloween freak. When Miranda isn't watching horror films, she's making them happen. When she's not doing either of those things, she's probably dreaming about them. Or baking cookies.
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