STAY IN THE LIGHT! Well, that’s what you’re told in Those Who Remain. Developed by Camel 101 and published by Weird Productions, with a 6 hour playtime and a $19.99USD price point, you can’t go wrong unless you’re scared of the dark!


Those Who Remain is a psychological first person horror game, which puts your fear of the dark to the test. You play as Edward Turner, a guilt ridden man who is having an affair on his wife which wants to break off, with his mistress Diana. Those Who Remain takes place in the small town of Dormont, just remember stay in the light!


When you start the game, you are met with a man dealt a huge amount of guilt, downing a bottle of whiskey and hoping to end it all. As he holds a gun and stares at a picture of his beautiful wife and child, he is ready to break ties with his mistress Diana. Driving to the secret meet, you find yourself at a creepy ghosttown-like motel, and must find your way to Diana. Things take a turn for the worst now, and you must make your way through the town of Dormont, trying to survive the darkness.


Now with being in the dark most of the game, you don’t really get to see much. But from the graphics you do get to see and the detail they put in to some things, you get the sense that maybe you should look around before facing the darkness! I will tell you one thing, I don’t get creeped out that much from video games, but playing it with a full coverage surround sound headset, hearing some of the voices got to me; my wife’s too scared to even put the headset on.


There some things I don’t like about Those Who Remain though, like how you get completely lost and there is no clear indication on where or what you’re supposed to do; they do give you a hint in the left top corners, however. It can be difficult to even turn on a light switch if you’re in the dark, and if you flip the light switch on and off too many times, it will glitch out and now you’re completely in the dark. There are no bad glowing eye guys to kill you in the dark, but I digress.


All in all, this game has its ups and downs, but does give you that sense of “I need to stay in the light to survive” and really plays on the fear of darkness. There is constantly the anxiety of something always watching you in the dark. We have all been afraid of the dark at one point, and with this game, you really relive those fears!


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