Some movie news today. Ammo Content has acquired U.S. rights to Freedom Cinema’s ‘Murder Manual’, a curated collection of short horror films from independent producers, production companies including Rock and Hammer Films, as well as sales agencies including Hewes Pictures. ‘Manual’ consists of several frightening, interlocking chapters depicting horrific and psychologically altering tales of death. The film features stars like ‘Game of Throne’s Emilia Clarke and ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ Maria Olsen.


Trailer produced and edited by the Trailer House, Dual Visions.

Ammo also has acquired the U.S. and other English speaking territory rights to Freedom’s ‘Blood Clots’, which stars Brooke Smith (The Silence of the Lambs) and Evan Arnold (Spider-Man). Featuring cannibals, zombies, and other funny creatures, ‘Blood Clots’ consists of seven curated, bloody horror stories by seven different filmmakers. Having received favorable reviews from horror blogs including 8/10 stars from Joblo, the film also received a rare 3 1/2 star rating from fans during it’s first release on Amazon.

About the deal, Ammo’s Eric Malyshev says, “We’re very pleased to be collaborating with Freedom Cinema and sales agency Hewes Pictures on the release of ‘Blood Clots’ and ‘Murder Manual’. Both anthologies feature a number of exciting voices emerging out of the horror genre. We look forward to bringing these stories to both the fiercely zealous fans of blood and terror, as well as the broader audience looking for a few frights.”

Both films hit TVOD on Amazon on May 21st, and will make their way across other TVOD and AVOD platforms in the following months.