What is your neighbor doing right now? Reading the paper? Feeding the dog? Committing murder? iNK Stories wants you to spy on their neighbors and crack the case in their latest cinematic interactive thriller Fire Escape. Through immersive game design, cinematic concepts, and immersive storytelling, New York City’s gentrification is brought to life. Players are immersed in a neo-Hitchcock murder mystery world. There are three 20 minute episodes currently available, all replayable and extremely bingeable. The game is now available for your mystery-solving pleasure on Steam. The best part? Due to the devastating impact of COVID-19 on New York City, iNK Stories is donating 25% of all sales to COVID-19 relief efforts. Solve a murder and help save a life. It’s a win-win!


Fire Escape Gameplay


Fire Escape is now available on Steam.


Synopsis: Crown Heights, Brooklyn. When the clock strikes 8 pm the blood moon sets on the New York City skyline for an eerie night of mystery, murder, and spying. While on your fire escape, you witness the moments before and after a murder––in the building across the ally. When all the tenants become suspects, the building goes on lockdown. As the real-time clock ticks, players have to choose where and who to watch, for every detail you witness, you miss another––your choices affect how you see the truth. Peer into your neighbors’ apartments, discover their strange secrets, text your friend and respond to the calls from a threatening unknown caller. As you become entangled––who do you watch, what do you uncover, and how do you change the fate of your neighbors in this simmering crime.


RELEASE: Now available
PRICE: $9.99 USD
PLATFORM: STEAM For both VR (Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift) and Non-VR (Windows, no headset required).

Fire Escape stars the vocal talents of ASMR Darling, Todd Soley, Ethan Rains, Edward Jackson, Olivia Preciado, Tanya Henderson, Michelle Lukes, Giselle Gilbert, Lloyd Floyd, Shirley Dalmas, and Jessie Pimentel. In addition to a talented and diverse cast, Fire Escape boasts several awards. It was an IndieCade Finalist, Gold Telly Award Winner, Infinity Film Festival Winner, and NCM Computer Museum Winner. The game was also nominated for NY Game Critics Best VR and an IMGA Nominee for Best VR Game. So stay home, spy on your neighbors, and solve the case! And in doing so you are saving lives! Not all heroes wear capes…some wear the same pajama pants seven days in a row and a cloth face mask.


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