Stranded on a seemingly deserted island, you must find a way to escape while avoiding your own untimely demise. Run. Fight. Survive.

Game Summary:
A High School boat trip goes gravely wrong when the engine dies and the vessel drifts onto the rocky
shoreline of a seemingly deserted island. The boat is damaged in the collision and the group must
search for a means to repair the craft or an alternative way to escape the island.
However, all is not as it seems as the island has one lone inhabitant, who has removed themselves
from society to avoid the temptation of taking further lives of innocent victims. The disturbance has
reignited a bloodlust and every soul who remains on the island is their next potential victim…
1 Survives is a fast-paced game of strategy and skill. It is every player for themselves as you try to
find an alternative way to escape the island while evading and fending off the killer’s attacks.
Of course, sending the killer after one of your ‘friends’ might just increase your chances of success.

How to Play:
Each player chooses a character card and places this together with their starting location card face up
in front of them.

7 cards are dealt with each player from the deck and place the remaining cards down as the ‘ draw

Players then take turns to move the killer (attacking players in those locations), move themselves to
other locations or collect cards to escape the island or to kill the killer.

If you are attacked by the killer, you must defend yourself by playing a weapon card (fight), move to
another location (run) or die an unimaginable death.

If you can fight off the killer or avoid their attack by running to another location, you do not replace
the card you were forced to play, reducing the number of cards in your hand, making it harder to
collect the components to escape or survive other attacks.

A number of special cards can help you win the game including:

Sacrifice – push a friend in front of the killer’s blade while you run in the opposite direction.
Jumpscare – without warning the killer lunges from the shadows, attacking an unsuspecting player.
Frenzy – the killer loses all control, attacking all players in one location.

Just a few weeks left to support this kickstarter ( We will be posting a review soon.