APS Films has released the first trailer and stills from director Joe Raffa’s unsettling thriller DARK HARBOR. The film stars Jessica Sipos, Joel McHale, Meagen Fay, Brian Gallagher, Xander Berkeley, Reiko Aylesworth, Connor Trineer, Sterling Hurst, and Nickolas Wolf.

With the birth of her first child just days away, Olivia must return to her childhood home island off the coast of Maine, seemingly on the edge of the world, to face her narcissistic mother and attend her father’s funeral. Not long after, she uncovers a dark family secret that undoes the foundations of her life. The deeper Olivia searches for answers, the more life-threatening the situation becomes, putting herself and her unborn child in danger.

From what we can see in the trailer, this looks like a Rosemary’s Baby-meets-Hereditary thriller (and I’ve always insisted that Hereditary is, in fact, the Rosemary’s Baby of the millennial generation). Horror films that involve pregnancy and the anxieties that surround it are a combination of body and psychological horror sub-genres, and as a result can be extremely effective. Dark Harbor‘s trailer already boasts great production values, solid suspense, and promising leads, so we’ll be keeping this one under our radar.

Dark Harbor will world premiere at the Catalina Film Festival in their Thriller Thursday lineup and continue on the festival circuit.

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