On Friday, February 22nd, the bizarre and terrifying forces that prowl the halls of the Overlook Hotel made a shocking return at The Frida Cinema in downtown Santa Ana as Horror Buzz’s Horror Movie Night screened the Stanley Kubrick classic, The Shining.

Guests in attendance were able to get food, drinks, and the specialty cocktail called Redrum, courtesy of the Frida Cinema Staff, before they began their duties as the winter caretakers of the Overlook Hotel.

Prior to their stay, guests were treated to a pre-show where the second part of the bonus, secret pre-screening film that—which will continue at future screenings—as well as the acclaimed short film Goodnight, Gracie by Stellan Kendrick.

After the audience’s harrowing encounter with the forces and madmen of the Overlook Hotel, a Jack-Off competition was held, for which audience members competed to see who had the best Jack Nicholson impression and would win the Pumpkin Prize Pack.

Next month, HorrorBuzz and the Frida Cinema’s Horror Movie Night will showcase the wrath of a mystical Irish creature during the screening of Leprechaun on Friday, March 22nd. Join us if you dare!