Thanksgiving is on Thursday but tonight was all about celebrating Christmas in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Any time spent in Hogsmeade is magical but there is an extra bit of wonder when it’s the holiday season. The snow capped shops decorated with garland and twinkle lights become even more festive with the spirit of the season.

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As the sun set, the sky over Hogwarts turned dark and the walls of the castle took on an icy glimmer. The crowds gathered well ahead of time to watch impressive light show that is projected onto Hogwarts. Ghostly apparitions welcomes guests by wishing them a merry christmas in a haunting yet festive song. Projected snow falls upon the castle as the familiar tones of Hedwig’s theme and other John William’s Potter classics bring smiles to fans in the attendance.

Lanterns dance up and around the castle turrets and buttresses. A giant christmas tree appears on a tower with a brightly lit star on top. Of course, Harry Potter zooms around on his broom and there are other nods to the movies.

The projections are quite impressive, especially as the entirety of Hogwarts transforms to ice in stunning blue and white. It actually gave me honest to goodness chills, in a good way.

The big ending is full of dramatics as fireworks via projections explode and it’s all topped off with a few real pyrotechnics that made the crowd “oooh and aaah.”

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This light show truly cast a spell on my own kids and they were eager to see it again. Following the light show, snow drifted down in Hogsmeade. It is short so if you want to catch a moment of whimsical snow then make sure you are smack dab in the center of the village. Don’t forget to grab a warm butterbeer first!

As you peruse the shops you can pick up some Harry Potter themed ornaments and other collectibles that are perfect to deck the halls. Slytherin Christmas tree, anyone?


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Celebrate the season at Universal Studios, Hollywood now through January 6th, 2019.

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