8:30 EST  : All Hallow’s Eve  is an interesting short film from the writer/director Myles Erfurth, (Crocodylus) that plays like the inner ramblings of a desperately sad teenage girl. The short (just over 5 minutes long) film takes the viewer through the mind of the young Sarah, played by Mia McKenna-Bruce.

The dialogue, given almost entirely through the protagonist’s voice-over, gives the viewer an intimate look at the somber and almost suffocating reality this young girl is faced with after the death of her mother. She is desperate for release and in the end, finds it – but release comes at a price.

While at times the dialogue seems overdone, it is indicative of the writing style many teens have. The long, drawn-out ‘woe is me’ segments are constructed with needless visual imagery.8:30 EST  : All Hallow’s Eve is a unique and at times disturbing short movie – with a particularly gruesome ending. Erfurth did a great job capturing the plights of a singular character. The film is easy-to-watch (shorter than many YouTube videos) and makes viewers question what lengths they would go to attain true and never-ending happiness. What would you give up to make the pain go away?

8:30 EST  : All Hallow’s Eve is a Smiley Jay Film. You can check it out below…

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