Our friends over at Cross Roads have some pretty amazing stuff going on for them. Not only is The Hex Room STILL our favorite escape room of all time, but their Fun House room is also a ton of fun.

In the past, the age limit for Fun House was meant strictly for adults, mostly due to how challenging it could be. But now, they have wisely chosen to add an alternative version of the game to let kids of all ages join in!

Now you can request their new kid, friendly-version of Fun House, aptly titled Fun House KIDS! They modify (or remove) the harder puzzles and make sure children ages 8-13 can enjoy it.

Of course, kids under 13 still need an adult with them, but this is awesome. Escape Rooms are rarely aimed at children, so this move will certainly help get the little ones excited early for the future escape room career.

For more information, or to book your own escape adventure, visit Cross Roads online at: https://www.crossroadsescapegames.com

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