Last week, we told you about the amazing new immersive show called THE WILLOWS from the same minds who brought us the brilliant Creep Los Angeles.

This week, tickets have gone on sale for $125 a person. It may seem a little steep, but trust us, it is worth it.

Though only a few nights have opened in May so far, you can be sure that more will be coming soon.

Head over to to purchase your tickets right now (if they are not already sold out).

And then come back, and read the press release below:

From the minds of Creep Los Angeles, The Willows sets the stage, or in this case the table, to lead Angelenos into an odd and interactive theatrical experience. Known for innovative and uniquely haunting productions with their critically acclaimed CreepLA series, the creative team is back with a production that will reinvent the boring murder mystery dinner theater and thoroughly creep out audiences with its peculiar nature and unusual methodology.  At The Willows, dinner conversation takes a myriad of courses.

A two-hour production that takes guests on a modern-day psychological mystery, The Willows takes place inside a lavish 10,000 square foot mansion, home to the eccentric Willows family. The 7-member cast will bring audiences into the family’s intimate story and sordid history.  Drawing guests into memorable scenes, bizarre encounters, and highly-detailed settings all across the expansive property, audiences are in for an evening of excitement and suspense.

“We have been fortunate to have an outpouring of support for Creep LA since we started the experience two years ago,” said Creator Justin Fix.  “Our goal has been a simple one, to bring a uniquely interactive theatrical experience to Los Angeles that isn’t based on smoke and mirrors or cheap screams, but experiences based on well scripted, well-acted and well-designed immersive theater.  Guests that attend our shows become characters in the scenes where not even I know how it will turn out sometimes.  In my opinion, it’s the best type of theatre, the unpredictable type.” 

The Willows will premiere to the public in an initial limited weekend run starting Thursday, May 18th– Saturday, May 20th. There will be two performances of the show per night, beginning at 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm. Each show will consist of an audience of 18 people.

Taking place throughout the year, the show will release tickets to registered guests as dates become available.  Guests can then reserve tickets for up to 8 people. 

Again, go see this show. You’ll thank us later.