In this week’s episode, Jesse learns more about the power residing within him, Arseface makes some friends, and Tulip and Emily help each other out a bit. Kind of.

Episode 6: “Sundowner”

Back at the diner, Jesse, Fiore and DeBlanc pick up their conversation from last week. Jesse’s power is not from God. It’s “Genesis,” a mistake, a by-product of a forbidden union between and angel and a demon. Fiore and DeBlanc watch as a young blonde woman walks out of the diner. They excuse themselves and follow her out. As Jesse watches, they start beating her up in the parking lot. Shocked, Jesse runs out and immediately starts getting the crap  beat out of him by the young woman. Actually, she’s taking on all three of them and winning. Fiore finally shoots her in the head. They explain that she’s a seraphim, come to collect them.


But they still need to get out of there before she–*flash of light*–regenerates and comes after them again. The three make it back to the motel, but they are soon interrupted by the little blonde seraphim again. The following five minutes make up one of the funniest, bloodiest fight scenes I’ve ever witnessed. DeBlanc gets killed, his lifeless body falls to the floor, flash of light, and DeBlanc now reappears, ready to fight again. The same happens to Fiore. And the seraphim. Every time one of these heavenly agents dies, their body stays behind and they get a new, clean body.



Pretty soon, there are piles of bodies all over the room as the three of them kill each other and then regenerate over and over again. Stepping over and under and through the other bodies as they fight and fight was really a lot of goofy fun to watch.

Cassidy shows up and joins in on the fun, fighting and fighting until they can knock the seraphim out (not kill her). Jesse refuses to give up the power, saying “…if God wants it, He can come and get it Himself.”


Has Eugene/Arseface made some friends? A group of boys wants to sit at his table during lunch. They seem pleasant enough, but he is suspicious. Later, they invite him to come to a drainage pipe to “see something cool.” I was nervous about this, but they end up just setting off some fireworks inside the huge pipe and Eugene watches the golden sparks bounce all around. It really is beautiful.

Tulip shows up at Emily’s house to warn her to stay away from Tulip’s boyfriend, and then she break’s Emily’s daughter’s “art thing.” Emily angrily walks out to Tulip’s car and yells at her for breaking the art thing. Tulip comes back into Emily’s house and apologizes (kind of) and fixes the art thing.  They eventually calm down and share a nice chat at the kitchen table. Tulip offers to help Emily with her chores. Again, I was suspicious about this, but Emily is grateful and explains all about her church to-do list.


Mayor Person is getting a lot of voicemails from Green Acre about the missing executives. Uh oh.

In the aftermath of the fight with the seraphim, Cass and Jesse wash their bloody clothes in the church basement and discuss what to do about Genesis, and about the angels, and about God Himself.

In anticipation of a huge influx of new parishioners, Jesse puts up a speaker on the outside of the church and starts setting up chairs out in front of the church. Mayor Person shows up and tries to settle something that’s troubling him: have you ever thought about doing something bad but doing the right thing would be much worse? Jesse doesn’t quite know how to answer that.

Tulip shows up with Emily’s church supplies. Jesse is surprised to see her. And when he sees her in the pantry, putting stuff away, so is Cassidy. Cass soon realizes that she is the Tulip that Jesse has talked about before. When Jesse comes looking, Cass hides behind the door. And now we have a triangle.


The congregants are waiting outside, but before he opens the door Emily admits some misgivings. Jesse tries to convince Emily that what he’s doing is good. She seems dubious, and sends Eugene in to talk to him. Eugene is not happy about the forgiveness that was forced on him. He doesn’t want it, “not like that.” He explains that people need a choice, that choosing is part of the process. Jesse disagrees and says that he is going to “save the damn town!” Eugene tries to argue again, Jesse loses his temper and yells, “GO TO HELL, EUGENE!”

There is a loud roar and *poof* Eugene is gone.  Uh oh.

Meanwhile, the mayor makes a difficult phone call to Green Acre. “I’m afraid there’s been a terrible accident.”


This was a lot to handle in just an hour. Why is the mayor covering up what Quincannon did? What will become of Eugene? Now that heaven knows about Fiore and DeBlanc’s “field trip” to Earth, how long before they try to forcibly remove Genesis? And how in the world will Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip deal with their new…shall we say…connections? See you next week, kids!




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