Unknown Visitor is an attempt at bringing newfound terror to the found footage genre in the form of video doorbells.

Unknown Visitor Was Ok, but Isn't Worth Revisiting
by Lindsey Ungerman March 8, 2021

When making a film there are very common pitfalls to be avoided if someone wants their film to be remembered

DREAMCATCHER--Wake Me From This Tedious Nightmare
by Max Matta March 5, 2021

Death Trip had some wonderful elements that had the makings of a jaw-dropping thriller, but the length and lack of

DEATH TRIP--A Long Journey, But Worth It
by Lindsey Ungerman March 5, 2021

When the intro credits rolled, a wave of panic swept through me as I had distinct flashbacks of The Room

I, PORTRAIT Is Like An Awkward Horror Soap Opera
by Adrienne Reese March 5, 2021

Who doesn’t love Stanley Kubrick? I mean, c'mon – the man is an icon. With titles like 2001: A Space Odyssey, A

X--This Altogether Disappointing Thriller Misses The Mark
by LJ Lewis March 4, 2021

If you like your movies to feel more like an art installation than anything terribly concerned with narrative flow, interesting

PLAYDURIZM Is Niche Weirdness With A Visual Flair
by Adem Cohen March 4, 2021
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