About Derek Brown

Derek Brown is a caring father, a loving husband. He has been writing since before the dawn of time, or since he was old enough to learn how. He has self-published one book already, Until the End, which will be enjoying a paperback release in late 2017. As a result of the screaming voices in his head he has almost finished his second book, An untitled collection of short horror stories and dark twisted poems. When he isn’t being tormented by the demonic voices he is a full-time nurse. Derek is probably the biggest, Bob’s Burger’s Fan to ever write horror stories. He also somehow manages to find time to Cosplay as, Batman, The Dark Knight and can been seen cheering up the faces of children at hospitals and schools. As if he wasn’t busy enough he also does photography on the side. Horror photographs will be coming soon. He also enjoys video games, watching movies (sometimes directing short films),
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