We love when new escape rooms pop up in Southern California, especially if they get combined with something else we love: immersive theater! That’s why we are excited to check out of The Ministry of Peculiarities, a new escape room company that has opened its doors in Azusa, CA after more than two year of building, planning, and testing!

Their very first room, called Hope End, is now open for aspiring teams of 4 – 12 participants. Over the course of 90 minutes, teams will uncover the secrets behind a mysterious house called Hope End through puzzles, artifacts, and engaging with the inhabitants they encounter within.

That’s not all; participants are ushered into the world of The Ministry as soon as they enter the building, truly bringing them into the world of the game. The lobby holds secrets of its own, and its here people will meet an agent who will brief them for their mission. After they’re briefed, players work together to explore the environment, follow the narrative, and achieve the objectives that are presented to them on their search for an item at the center of the disturbances at Hope End.

The experience is built to appeal to both escape room enthusiasts and first-time players. Taking the focus off completion time, this room will make sure its participants enjoy 90 minutes worth of content through active guidance.

It goes without saying that we love escape rooms here at HorrorBuzz, and we’ve been hearing rumblings of The Ministry of Peculiarities for a few weeks. Though we haven’t been able to check it out for ourselves yet, we have plenty of friends who said it’s well worth the trip. That, and some of our favorite immersive actors from LA also make appearances, so how can we turn that down?!

Tickets can be obtained through the website at: http://theministryofpeculiarities.com/tickets


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