Found footage film focuses on familiar formative frantic phantom fiasco fables factoring in facilitating fabulously far fetched facetious flair.

Do You See It? is a horror/comedy short film about paranormal investigators inside the Frey House. The legend of the haunted house is told before they go explore it.

Written, directed, and starring Sergio Guerra, he plays Danny. It’s filmed primarily with hand held cameras giving it a found footage feel. It’s self awareness is cheeky but it’s balanced nicely with well executed, effective jump scares without being over reliant on them. An unexpected use of really good CGI is used but isn’t excessive. The ghost designs are creepy, used minimally so you don’t see the whole thing until the climax. When used effectively the bait and switch method is a great exercise used in horror films especially. He plays Danny with a playful effervescence that makes for a likeable, relatable character too. It’s written with a razor edged wit, full of effective jokes without taking you out of the experience by being to on the nose.

Edited by Alison Pringle, she also plays the character Sandy. She plays a strong willed, smart, independent woman with the ability to see spirits. Her deductive reasoning also balances well with Danny’s wide eyed naive enthusiasm. They have great chemistry that feels natural enough to make me wonder if they were a real life couple.

Overall, a horror story with quippy dialogue successfully combined in a balanced way can make for a frightfully funny short film. Instead of being a direct parody, Do You See It? is hilarious spin on both the haunted house and found footage subgenres. Innovative direction, writing, and CGI create a darkly eerie atmosphere with a sarcastic attitude. And remember, if you see haunted house horror hijinks what would you do?

Give it a watch below!


9 out of 10


Do You See It?
Runtime: 5 Mins.
Directed By:
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