An animated short film of the Micheline Hess graphic novel by the same name comes roaring to life in Diary of  Mad Black Werewolf. Marc Cheng, CEO of Marc Cheng Creative Studios directs, with hopes of further developments including video games and feature films.

Hess originally wrote the graphic novel after she conceived it as part of an Inktober prompt. Needing to voice her internal turmoil and rage against racism and bigotry in this country, she found the perfect avatar for her anger – an immortal werewolf. Imagine, all the moments in history where racial tensions have risen to a head. Now imagine a werewolf interfering with the history. Gnawing teeth, slashing claws, otherworldly howls… and the end of every racist and bigot history has known. Beautifully voiced by Angelique Roche, there’s also a divinely feminine aspect to this unconventional and much needed story. 

Stunning visuals and iconic imagery create the perfect backdrop for Roche’s narration, with this particular concept short taking place on a fateful night in Mississippi, in 1955. As we watch our fierce, brutal werewolf rip into KKK members, and calmly acknowledge those she is protecting, we can’t help begging for more of her. This concept film is the perfect breeding ground for more – and it would truly be a tragedy if this license didn’t explode into something earth-shattering. Thank you Micheline, Marc, and screenwriter Nathan Faudree for giving us a timely tale wrapped up in a horror cloak – or fur coat, as it were. 


9 OUT OF 10


Diary of a Mad Black Werewolf

DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WEREWOLF teaser from Inflection Point Studios on Vimeo.

Runtime:  3 Mins.
Directed By:
Mark Cheng
Written By:
Nathan Faudree


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