Horror video games used to be a very limited genre. There were only a few titles and they were all for PCs. However, with technology evolving and people seeking new pieces, there are dozens of new games that everyone can try. What is more, this genre even spread to the mobile versions and today we have a nice selection of good mobile horrors.

Dead By Daylight: Mobile

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer game for mobiles and you have two options – to be the victim or the sadistic killer. There are many bundles available for the game and you can play as various famous horror killers and survivors. If you choose to play as a victim, don’t be a hero and work with your teammates to fix the generators. And if the killer finds you it’s you or your friend and you can always make new friends. 

Death Park: Scary Clown

There is nothing scarier than clowns for some people and this game proves that. Death Park offers you to explore a desolate amusement park that also has an eerie and creepy circus, and there is a terrifying killer clown chasing you. And to make things more intense, you have to collect clues and items and complete various puzzles while avoiding death by a clown. 

Evil Nun: Horror in the School

The setting is typical for a horror game – a school. However, you are not running from teachers, you are actually running from a hell-bent nun who wants to kill you. Nuns have actually become popular in the horror genre lately, and James Wan’s The Nun probably has something to do with that. 

Lost Vegas Slots

This is a bit of a different horror game for mobiles, but it can still give you goosebumps. Especially if you love zombies or you’re terrified of them. Lost Vegas slot game lets you play with reels featuring regular humans or reels with zombies and you simply spin to try and lock the bonus games and features. The best feature is the Blackout Bonus, as well as the Zombie Fist of Cash. If you are into horror-themed slots, you won’t go wrong with Lost Vegas and other similar games. 

Antarctica 88

If you love the classic horror movie The Thing, then you are going to love Antarctica 88. This is a nice blend of horror and action which means you are not completely defenseless against the monsters. You have some guns to shoot them with to try and survive in the cold and scary arctic. Besides shooting monsters, you also get to explore the barren place and solve various puzzles in order to escape the place. 


Before you download Detention, you should be aware that this is probably one of the most unnerving horrors in the last few years. It is important that you take regular breaks while playing this game, because you will need them and you should be kind to yourself. Detention also features a tragic story with which people tend to struggle a lot. A narrative-driven game, Detention is set in East Asia and Taiwan and their culture. It was inspired by the infamous horror franchise of all time – Silent Hill. The game is a 2D side-scroller, and you need to point and click, so it is not difficult to play, but it is certainly intense. 

Case: Animatronics

Inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s, you are escaping from angry animatronics in this game. However, you actually have the option of moving in the Case: Animatronics and you have to navigate through various eerie environments. And while you’re doing that, you have to escape from animatronics that are hunting you down. You will also need to hide in the closets or under tables, solve puzzles, and always be on the lookout. 

Stranger Things: The Game

If you don’t want to play a game that’s too scary, but still want some thriller and horror elements, Stranger Things: The Game is a good choice. If you are a fan of the TV show, you will love this game because the atmosphere is there. However, it looks back to the 8 and 16-bit game times and you need to scroll up and down the screen and seek adventure. Also, you need to solve a spooky mystery filled with government agents. You will also have various puzzles and some light RPG mechanics. 


Oxenfree tells a creepy story of a group of friends lost in the dark world. There is great voice acting in the game along with charming visuals and great characters. This game bridges that gap between horror and childlike fantasy, and it is truly unique. The narrative is what drives it, and it is sort of a combination of The Goonies and Stranger Things. 


Horror games have significantly evolved in the last few years. Today we have dozens of games on all platforms and now including mobile phones. This is great because you can play your favorite horrors on the go, and experience some new mechanics and new ideas and innovations from developers.

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